Step No. 2 in our development initiative for WordPress is finished: The partner plugin for our JIMMO WP Property Finance Budget Calculator is available for download: The JIMMO WP Loan Repayment Calculator.

It is available in the WordPress Plugin Directory:

We are glad that now already our second plugin has been accepted for the official plugin directory without further inquiries. For us, that means: Go on, and continue expanding our product line of plugins for real estate companies.

Loan Repayment Calculator

While the JIMMO WP Property Finance Budget Calculator is especially designed for real estate and mortgage, the Repayment Calculator is suitable for all annuity loans, as no real estate specific values are needed.

With the Loan Repayment Calculator, we complete our set of plugins that allow website owners to provide their visitors with an added value that not long ago only banks and large financial agents were able to provide.

Try out our second plugin:

Loan Repayment Calculator

Loan Data

The tool is licensed under the terms of the GPL, and can be installed in the usual way. If you need help with the installation or customizing, we are available with advice and assistance for the usual hourly rate.