Today we had a reason to celebrate: Our first WordPress plugin in the current development initiative is available for download, the JIMMO WP Property Finance Budget Calculator.

It is available in the WordPress Plugin Directory:

We are a little bit proud that only after a few days of development time, we got a positive response from WordPress and were allowed to publish our plugin in the official plugin directory. We see this as a motivation to continue our efforts, and we are already working on another plugin for real estate companies. It will be a repayment calculator.

Property Finance Budget Calculator For WordPress

In contrast to our earlier announcement, we renamed it to JIMMO WP Property Finance Budget Calculator. This name better reflects the topic.

The calculator provides smaller companies with an added value that not long ago only banks and large financial agents were able to provide.

And this is it, feel free to try it out:

Property Finance Budget Calculator

Basic Financial Data

The tool is licensed under the terms of the GPL, and can be installed in the usual way. If you need help with the installation or customizing, we are available with advice and assistance for the usual hourly rate.